Terms of Service

We usually give 6 months of warranty for our repair. Not including camera after water damage.
Our warranty is only for our repair for e.g. If we replace shutter we give warranty only for this mechanism.

We try repair all camera a soon as possible but sometimes we have to order some spare parts.
When we don’t have spare parts in our stock we try immediately inform costumer about this.

Before we do some repair we prepare a estimation of repair. All estimation we prepare for free of charge.

Unfortunately, sometimes it is not possible return camera or lens in the same condition as we receive it.
Especially problem is with technology of electronic board (SMD, BGA) where regeneration of component
is not possible and sometimes we don’t have a chance to replace some component.

The Terms of Service has been drawn up in two bilingual (Polish-English) counterpart. In case of discrepancy Polish version will prevail.
Any matters not provided for herein shall be governed by the pertinent provisions of the Polish Civil Code.

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